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Scottish Fold and Scottish Kilt kittens-all sol... Sign In or Register to add photos

At this point all of my kittens are spoken for. I have one Ragdoll Scottish Fold girl who bred to my Lambkin boy. She is due later in Jan. I also have 8 deposits on various types of kittens (longhair/shorthair, long legs/short legs, straight ears/folded ears, curly hair/straight hair, male/female, or some combination of the above. I have several girls with boys right now, so I hope to have more litters this spring. Thank you for checking, Charlotte in Vista, Ca. 858-229-2679
Kitten on the right, Henna's Chocolate med-longhair Scottish Fold boy at 5 weeks - sold
Henna's Black male Scottish Kilt, and Munchkin (both sold)
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